Khaled khorshid

Khaled Khorshid

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Khaled Khorshid has been a business executive for the last 30 years. His technology career has taken him around the world to experience a fusion of cultures and diverse beliefs that shaped him into a person with intriguing stories and unique views. He grew up in Cairo, Egypt. His father was one of the early computer engineers in his generation.

Following his father’s career, Khaled Khorshid moved to the United States in the late 1980s and spent most of the first half studying and working between Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. In 2002, Khorshid visited and lived in many countries in Africa and Asia. He rubbed shoulders with former and current presidents of different countries, Kings of African tribes, powerful politicians, celebrities, and distinguished business leaders. All this exposure gave Khaled Khorshid a well-rounded and uncommon view on life. He is a multi-million-mile-flyer traveling over a hundred trips per year for the last 15 years and visited 60 countries in the process! Khorshid is a lecturer and advisor on change, transformation, disruption, and leadership development. They selected Khorshid as one of the top forty telecom executives under forty years old in Africa in 2009. He holds two master’s degrees – the first a MBA, and the second a Master’s in Change from the University of Oxford. This rich mix of experiences makes Khaled Khorshid an unconventional author.