Have you considered this thought?

Whenever you experience a gap between reality and your expectations, whether, in the form of a disappointing outcome of a situation or an unexpected change to life's norm, you tend to get disappointed and demotivated. Consider this. Expectations are only in "your" mind. They are figments of "your" imagination. Your mind makes it a conscious choice that such a situation will happen "that" way. However, in reality, things may - and most likely will - develop differently, hence the gap. My advice to you, consider your expectations as subjective opinions. They are your opinions, aspirations, and hopes of what may happen. Keep them at that level and don't promote them to become what "must" happen. You'll soon notice that the gap between your expectations and reality is vanishing, and, hence, reduces your disappointments and feeling of despair. Follow me on Instagram, FB, and Tweeter for more timely thoughts.

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